Well Drilling

Mills Well Drilling provides Water & Geothermal Well Drilling in Chester County, Delaware County and Lancaster County PA. Knowing the geographical area is essential knowledge a well driller must have to eliminate problems while drilling and prevent future problems for well owners. Robert Mills has drilled many wells around Chester, Delaware, and Lancaster Counties in PA. Our customers greatly appreciate it when Rob shows up for the initial meeting to personally choose the well location, and then he is the one that turns the pump on and gets the water running!

At Mills Well Drilling, we will guide you through the process from start to finish. When you call, you will almost always hear Diane's friendly voice on the other end; she will answer any questions you may have, set up an appointment, or give you a ball park estimate. Rob and Diane work side by side on all well appointments, and they give very PERSONALIZED service, sometimes spending hours getting to know you and your property. We know the process of drilling a new well can be somewhat of a challenge for you, and we are here to help in any way possible.


Mills Well Drilling started drilling geothermal wells 18 years ago when it wasn't so popular. Today, geothermal has become a very viable part of our business. Some customers feel very strongly about not wanting to burn fossil fuel any longer, some cannot afford to pay the high prices for oil and gas, and others just want to take advantage of the Federal 30% Renewal Energy Tax Credit. In fact, we installed geothermal in our own personal house in May of 2011, so we can attest to the advantages geothermal has to offer!

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